It was indeed a day of joy and happiness for the scholarship award recipients of LIZDAV Academy in collaboration with Shiloh Global, a philanthropic organization, whose main aim and purpose is to see children and students achieve their dreams via education, most especially the less privileged.

Saturday January 18, 2020  will forever remain in the pages of history, as over Three Hundred (300) pupils and students where awarded scholarship by Shiloh Global Investment and also admitted into the prestigious lizdav academy to have qualitative education in a most serene environment.

Addressing the congregation, the President of the organization (Shiloh Global investment) explained the reasons that prompted his zeal to embark on this mission, is simply his experience in life; he couldnt go to school at some point in life due to poverty, eventually help came his way and he forever vowed that 50% of his profits will he donate to charity.
He Further admonished recipients and their parents there present to make good use of this opportunity and be up and doing academically so as to keep the dream alive, in that only succeeding pupils/students will continue enjoying the benefits of the scholarship as SHILOH GLOBAL INVESTMENT never accommodates or supports failure.
Mrs Warebebe (Proprietress LIZDAV ACADEMY)
The Proprietress of LIZDAV ACADEMY in her welcome speech, thanked the SHILOH GLOBAL INVESTMENT and it President for finding the school worthy for this noble fit and pray God continues to bless him and his organization, and also enjoined recipients and their parents to keep on with the faith of prayers and hard work which is the key to sustainable success and sustain the program, she also request prayers should be said on behalf of the organization, its leadership and the school for God to keep providing and protecting all parties.

Highlights of the occasion include cultural displays from the various middle belt communities such as the Tiv, Igede, Idoma and the Gbagi traditional dance troupe, also the snake man show and a wonderful performance from the Mountain Of Fire and Miracle Ministry, Aso youths.

The President and the Azere dance troupe

The snake man on display

Mountain of Fire Aso youths on display

The Benue cultural dancers

The Gbagi dancer

The ceremony also include presentation of award letters to deserving recipients and their parents, with the help of dignitaries there present, while the award letters where given to the successful candidates, they were also advised to take serious their studies and justify the honor bestowed upon them by both shiloh global and LIZDAV academy.

The Director of the School, Mr Daniel Warebebe, thanked the Shiloh global initiative for their success stories so far and pray they keep up with the good work and with God helping them also.
In his closing remark, he prayed God grant each an everyone journey mercies back home and also encouraged the recipients not to go to sleep in their academic pursuit but rather justify the effort of the founder of the program.

The occasion came to an end with cutting of the cake and snapshots with both parents, recipients, the school management and all dignitaries present.


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