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PARTEE AFTER PARTEE THEN WE MATCH UP THE PLACE!!! Fun time for management and staff of LIZDAV ACADEMY on valentines day, only words in pictures....


February 14 of every year is known round the world as the St. Valentine's day, a day set aside to keep the memory of the great Saint alive for his contribution towards love and humanity, as Valentines was a Roman Priest who defiled the Roman Empire decree that the young men will rather be enlisted into the army rather than get married, but he will prefer to marry them (the young men) and their loved ones secretly. And when he was caught, Valentines was tortured and Martyred for love, hence it necessitated this day be dedicated to him to keep a constant reminder that love conquers all. The St. Valentines day has become a global day set aside to celebrate love and humanity, and as such, LIZDAV Academy was not left out in the marking of such a great day. It all started with the usual fun fair and the atmosphere filled with love, the management and students of the school felt it wise that such day be shared with the less privileged in the society and that necessitated


It was indeed a day of joy and happiness for the scholarship award recipients of LIZDAV Academy in collaboration with Shiloh Global, a philanthropic organization, whose main aim and purpose is to see children and students achieve their dreams via education, most especially the less privileged. Saturday January 18, 2020  will forever remain in the pages of history, as over Three Hundred (300) pupils and students where awarded scholarship by Shiloh Global Investment and also admitted into the prestigious lizdav academy to have qualitative education in a most serene environment. Addressing the congregation, the President of the organization (Shiloh Global investment) explained the reasons that prompted his zeal to embark on this mission, is simply his experience in life; he couldnt go to school at some point in life due to poverty, eventually help came his way and he forever vowed that 50% of his profits will he donate to charity. SHILOH GLOBAL PRESIDENT PRESENTING HIS OPENI